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  • Describe your startup (your company name is always private)
  • Explain why you're selling
  • Integrate financial metrics (Baremetrics, ChartMogul)
  • Synchronize payment gateways (Stripe, Paypal)
  • Upload pitch deck

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How to privately sell your startup

MicroAcquire - A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace | Product Hunt

The hard way to sell your startup

Prepare and Search (5 months)

  1. Hire an investment banker or broker (2 months)
  2.  Build a data room (1 month)
  3. Reach out to buyers (2 months)

Present (6 months)

  1. The Dog and Pony Show (2 months)
  2. Term Sheets + Negotiation (1 month)
  3. Due Diligence (2 months)
  4. Haggling + Renegotiation (1 month)
❌  80% fail to close
✅  20% close successfully

Close and transition (1-2 months)

The MicroAcquire (easy) way to sell your startup

1 - Set up your account

Provide the critical information buyers need to evaluate your startup:

2 - Respond to private requests

Interested buyers will contact you for further information, so prove your startup will deliver on its promise. Expect to provide readily available data such as MRR, churn, web analytics, number of customers, LTV, CAC, and more.

  • Pre-vetted buyers
  • Absolutely private requests
  • Completely free
  • Negotiate closing terms
  • Privately sell your startup

3 - Get an LOI

Once you’ve exchanged data, finalized negotiations, and you and the buyer are happy, expect a letter of intent within 30 days. That’s it! You’ve sold your startup and can move on to your next adventure.

"Posting to MicroAcquire brought lots of attention to the company I was selling. Right away I had about 25-30 buyers interested and ultimately closed on the sale two weeks later. The experience was easy from beginning to end!"

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